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A journey to discover true beauty

Spa treatment has become one of the major trends in the beauty industry, but to find the right place with the perfect treatment experience is not easy... Located in the heart of Central, More Than Skin has prepare you for the ultimate experience to rejuvenate your body and soul...

This Victorian Style Spa is nothing compared to what you have seen before, with a fine selection of antiques from all over the world, jazz music, a cup of peppermint tea, everything here puts you in the mood of unwinding. Together with a wide range of the most sophisticated and satisfying luxury spa treatment you could image, from Vichy Shower, detoxifying massage to facial treatments, More than Skin Urban SPA truly creates a soothing atmosphere that is so hard to resist.

Opening in June 2006, this 1,300 sq ft provides a perfect place for a sweet escape. With 3 single treatment rooms, each room is elegantly designed and surprisingly spacious. Annie Fung, the founder of More than Skin is a true fan of Victorian Design. "In order to create a unique and perfect Spa of my dreams, many décor in More than Skin comes from my private collection over the years. Like the color vase and glass set from Venice and the beautifully crafted wooden furniture from around the world." With Annie's perfection for details, one can already expect a true luxurious spa experience.

The romantic setting of the V.I.P room makes More Than Skin harder to resist. Equipped with Vichy Shower, this V.I.P room provides total privacy and a place to perform different kind of facial and body treatments. Bring along your love ones, children or mother to share the experience of true relaxation.

In order to provide true relaxation for clients, More Than Skin has specially brought in an A.I Massage Bed to the market. This Denmark design bed, made with the most advanced technology, can automatically adjust the balance of mattress based on individual body shape. Providing the most comfortable and safe body treatment experience suitable for pregnant woman and people with spinal problem.

A Spa treatment can never be perfect without a Sauna. "Traditional Sauna tends to be too hot and often dehydrates the skin. With our newly equipped Infrared Thermal Suite, you can still enjoy the heat while keeping the air moist, and prepare your body and mind for the treatment to be followed." Clients are recommended to come in 1-2 hours prior to the treatment to enjoy the free use of Spa facilities.

The mission of More Than Skin is to bring in the true Spa culture into Hong Kong. Annie Fung, the founder of More than Skin Urban SPA, is a professionally certified beauty therapist, spa consultant and nutritionist. After studying in New Zealand and Australia, and continuing her practice with Self Care Group, More Than Skin Day Spa, New Zealand's leading Spa Group, she is now fully prepared and is looking forward to provide the best service in Hong Kong Spa Industry.

"In Western Countries, they never combine beauty machines in any of the Spa Treatment. The true concept of "Spa" is about the tender touch of human hands to restore the balance of body and soul." All treatments in More Than Skin are carried out by professional Therapist with Reiki Trainings. "Facial Treatment perform in More than Skin is not just about face, it also combine neck, shoulder, chest and head massage, through massaging the pressure point of the upper body, it helps to release tension and improve blood circulation, thus create a whole treatment experiences. After the mask is applied on the face, our beauty therapist will perform a complimentary head and hand massage, making every minute of the treatment worthwhile."

With the premium selection of the two most prestigious brands, Valmont, a Swiss luxurious brand and Dr. Murad, an advanced professional skincare brand from the US, More than Skin provides the best treatment anyone could have imagined. To further enhance the results of body treatments, they have selected a wide range of organic body aromatherapy oils and ingredients from around the world, ensures each treatment is natural and unique.

Unlike other Spas in Hong Kong, More Than Skin is concern to bring out both the inner and outer beauty of clients. By using various treatments to enhance skin conditions, Annie uses her professional knowledge in Nutrition, to help clients improving their health. "For example, the specially designed Dr. Murad treatment has used a 50% concentration of Vitamin C, which is very effective in eliminating stretch marks and toning the skin without body wraps or slimming machines. But as Annie emphasis, to bring out the best and most long lasting effect on slimming treatment, one should also pay attention to their daily diets and living habits. "Although women nowadays are more aware of what they eat, their knowledge in nutrition is just not enough. Women in Hong Kong tend to take carbohydrates and proteins more seriously, but minerals and vitamins are both important to maintain a healthy glowing skin. Through teaching people how to choose the right food, I am sure this will be beneficial to them in the long run."

"Caring is the message I want to bring out to my clients, and it is also one of the main mission of More than Skin." In order to show that the spa is more than just business and money, Annie has planned to contribute to Spa members by hosting free workshops from time to time, with interesting topics like infant massage. "We hope that for those who participate, they can learn and practice with their friends, and learn the beauty of caring." By taking a step to contribute and share with their clients, More Than Skin has indeed show care and loving for their clients.

Purchasing treatments courses has already become a common trend of Hong Kong Spa industry. "I don't think purchasing packages is necessary, and when beauty therapist tries to persuade me to purchase beauty courses or to buy coupons, it makes me so uncomfortable and filled with pressure." Keeping her personal experience into consideration, Annie has decided to bring in the Western Spa Practice. "In Western countries, they believe that the each individuals have the right to choose what they want. People can either choose to pay once a time or to buy treatment coupons, whichever way they feel comfortable. We guarantee that no matter which payment method you prefer, we will still provide the same perfect, luxurious Spa experience, and you will leave the Spa with enjoyment and satisfaction." With Annie's pursuit of perfection and strong belief in professionalism and dedication, More Than Skin has all it needs to be a Spa Paradise. Without the formalism of large business structure, the comfort, caring, personalize and professional service of More Than Skin will truly capture our heart and soul...

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